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Quality Construction

All interior doors are constructed to industry standards by craftsmen in our own facilities using the best materials available. Attention to detail is foremost in our construction techniques. While capable of producing large quantities of interior doors at our facilities, the individual doors still receive the same attention to detail that makes a Diamond door the best value on the market. Each door produced is individually built by craftsmen dedicated to building the best door possible. We don’t feed parts in one end of a machine and take out finished doors at the other end, all doors are hand assembled, sized and machined to our exacting standards.


Design is Key

Our motto is “DREAM IT, WE’LL DO THE REST”. All doors are designed in-house to your specific needs and wants. Diamond doors are individually designed and drawn for your approval prior to construction. If you require a 34.5 inch wide door, we design the door accordingly, we don’t just cut down a 36 inch door to fit your opening.

Just as in building the door, attention to detail is an important component of the design process. We will not design a door that is not structurally sound and visually appealing. In the end we want to design and build doors that meet your needs without sacrificing the integrity of the finished product.

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